Weekly Gratitude #21 (link up!)


Some weeks my gratitude list just flows. Some weeks, I’m squeezing my memory, hoping a little drop of something drips out through my fingers.

This was the first kind of week. Gratitude flowing.

Maybe it’s the weather? Warm sunny days just make you more thankful by their nature. Maybe it’s that life has slowed down from it’s hectic winter pace?

Or maybe it’s that I’m taking a new perspective these days. I’m striving, with all my might, to see things differently. To just be lighter.

Whatever the reason, I am thankful this week for…

… friends. Only the truest friends are genuinely happy for you even when they have reasons not to be. When you find a friend like that, hold them tight and don’t let ’em go.

… dancing. Before bedtime each night, she dances. Happiness is a toddler dancing.

ballet classes. Every week she runs right into class and I love watching her passion.

kitchen time. I got back to it this week. An hour (sometimes more… sometimes less) in the kitchen with Baby each afternoon is incredibly bonding and productive.

… temporary tattoos. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone to work with an owl stamped on your arm. These simple little things make her positively giddy.

… summer in spring. Because any day Baby gets to wear sandals is a good day for us all.

… springtime at last. Springtime means the carousel at our favorite park is open for business. And that spells toddler delight.

little girl looking at a carousel

… my husband. See how you can see the linky below this week? That’s thanks to his magic touch. (And I really mean thanks to just his magic touch. He did the same thing that I did last week and yet… magic.)

… community. Since my blogging break a month ago, I’ve been jumping into this incredibly full community of bloggers with both feet (as opposed to the tentative toe-dipping I had done before). The deeper I get the more I value the network and connections we offer each other. Thank you.

Now it’s your turn! If you want to learn more about I do here, go read up on my Weekly Gratitude practice. And then, share your own thankfulness for the week. I can’t wait to read!


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