Weekly Gratitude #19


I’ve seen a lot of gratitude this week. I’m not sure if I’m becoming more attuned to it or if it is really becoming a thing. But I’ve seen it around quite a bit and it makes me so happy.

I’ve felt a lot of gratitude this week. For nothing in particular and for big, very particular things. It’s not that life is all going my way right now. It’s not in many ways. But that’s also not what gratitude is about.

Gratitude is about appreciating what you have, even when you’re wanting more. It’s about breathing in the good things and moving beyond the bad.

This week, I breathed in…

… packing. Because it really does feel so good to be doing instead of just thinking.

… spring time temps. Ok… so I’d really rather have the 70 degree weather we had a few weeks ago. But 60 is so much better than 30 and nothing beats spring.

… new Easter clothes. Found the perfect Easter dress for Baby. Nothing makes me smile like new, Easter clothes in beautiful pastel colors.

… holiday anticipation.

… good news.

… flowers. Have you noticed they are everywhere now?

purple orchids

Happy weekend, Peeps!

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