A toy problem


We have a toy problem here.

Ok, we actually have several toy problems. You know the ones: too many, improper storage, improper use of proper storage, they are, quite simply, all over the darn place.

Then there is the ‘toy ahead of its time’ problem.

We simply, regularly, buy Baby toys well before she is ready to play with them.

And then we get sad when they sit, unused, and rejected. I can’t help think of the Velveteen Rabbit and Toy Story. So sad, those poor toys!

Yes, I’ve stared at many a puzzle, board game, box of art supplies, just sitting there, wishing she would play with them.

The latest toy ahead of it’s time, was a dollhouse. A large, eco-friendly dollhouse.

arial view of dollhouse

We bought it for her second birthday. The sheer size of it brought a twinkle to her eye when she first opened it. But then, it sat.

Until recently.

This toy has finally entered it’s prime.

She heads straight for it. She sits the dolls out for dinner. She walks them up the stairs. She gingerly tucks them into bed.

baby tucking in dolls at dollhouse

They have names. Mommy, Daddy, Betsy, and Max. They eat outside and let their cat, dog, and bunny sit on chairs at the table. They take lots of baths and always wash their hands after using the potty.

They imitate our lives.

And I love it.

The dolls and their house have finally moved into the ‘beloved’ phase.

Making room for the next toy ahead of its time to enter the picture.


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