Baby steps


I took her to swim lessons and got in the pool with her.

I took her to tumbles classes and held her hands as she walked along the balance beam and jumped on the trampoline.

I took her to yoga class and we did our downward dogs side-by-side.

I took her to ballet class and positioned her feet in first position.

And then today, she went to ballet class without me.

She walked through the door while I stayed outside.

She did her passe and her pique and her arabesque and her leaps across the floor all on her own as I watched through the window.

ballet shoes

All week we talked it up. I wanted her to be excited to go to class on her own. Like a big girl. But I figured we’d still struggle this morning. My sweet girl has a shy side and I figured a new class in a new room with a new teacher might be too much new to handle.

I guess our excitement building worked. A little too well.

She came out of the room only once during class… to go to the potty (it seems the need to go potty spreads faster than the flu in a room full of newly potty-trained girls in tights). And she was bubbling with excitement.

baby in costume at ballet

My Mom warned me that it would be tough no matter what. If she struggled and did not want to go in, it would be tough. If she bounded right in all on her own, it would be tough.

I underestimated how tough.

I didn’t expect to tear up as I watched my little girl confidently stride into a new situation and flourish.

We put her in this class as preparation for pre-school. Baby steps of separation and independence for her.

Turns out they are baby steps of separation for us.


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