This week, I am thankful for – peace


The past six weeks have been tumultuous. Chaotic. Dizzying.

This week?

Well, let’s be honest. No week is ever the picture of peace.

But this week felt like a breath of fresh, calm air. No house showings. No crazy trips. No sick children. Nothing but life. Peace.

This week left me thankful for…

… writing. I’ve missed it.

… ideas. They are flowing now, spilling out all of the things I could do.

… inspiration. Sometimes it comes from dark places, but it’s still good when it comes.

… family. No one supports you like family does.

… train rides. Call me crazy but train rides are peaceful.

… ballet shoes. She wore them constantly from the moment we bought them. Even to bed.

… decisions behind us.

Happy weekend, all.

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