Twenty-four days


Twenty-four days.

Twenty-four days since I wrote my last post.

Twenty-four days since I (I’m so sorry) read your last post.

Twenty-four days since I last typed my password into WordPress (and yes, I did type it in incorrectly on the first attempt).

Twenty-four days since I last thought about what to write here.

Life has changed in twenty-four days. Quite a bit. And it’s only going to keep changing.

I don’t talk about every piece of my life here so the list of what I’ve been doing may not seem overwhelming when you read it now. But, I know you know there is always more than meets the eye.

This was not a planned, or even desired, blog vacation. It was one that happened by default.

Because we put our house on the market on March 1. Because we had two open houses, back-to-back weekends. Because one of those open houses came two days after Baby came down with a particularly bad case of croup. Because we went to countless open houses. Because, in the shortest period of time that ever felt like forever, we finally sold our house. Because we felt homeless for three days until our offer was finally accepted.

Because while all of that was going on, we also got Baby into preschool. And because I started a big freelancing project days before our house went on the market.

Because, see, when you leave just enough room for normal life on a normal day, extraordinary life in extra-busy times just doesn’t fit. Pieces of your life spill over into puddles on the floor that you wade through each day, waiting for the moment when you can mop them back up and put them back into place.

That is balance. Realizing that things will spill and you will wade through puddles sometimes. Constant balance doesn’t exist.

So, last week, I got out my mop. I mopped up ‘playtime with Baby’ first. Then I mopped up ‘making dinner.’ Next, ‘planning ahead.’

Today, I’m mopping up ‘writing.’

The beauty of the mopping is it really does create a fresh start. So that’s what this will be. A fresh (albeit slow… I do still have a whole house to pack) start.

I’m looking forward to it.


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