This week, I am thankful for – conversation


I talked a lot this week.

A lot a lot.

Conversations with all kinds of people. Family, friends, co-workers, clients. And not the simple ‘hey, how’s it goin?’ kind of conversation. But real conversations. The kind that takes time. The kind that creates a connection. The kind that, when you walk away, you do so feeling different. Changed somehow. Not always discernibly changed for the better. But changed in a way you know is good.

I’d forgotten how important this kind of conversation can be. So often I curl up inside the cozy world of my little family and live it up as my introverted self. Curling up is good. But deep, connection-creating conversation? It’s pretty great.

In addition to conversation, this week brought all kinds of goodness. So, without further adieu…

This week, I am thankful for…

… deep breaths.

… more unseasonably warm winter weather. This one has been a winter I could get used to.

… surprising conversations.

… commitment conversations.

… bagels.

… driving at dusk.

… getting Baby into preschool. Finally. Ahh the relief that comes with those five words “We’d love to have her!”

… new opportunities.

… dinner out with my family.

baby swinging

Happy weekend, peeps!


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