It’s good to remember what you miss


The other day, M and I were trying to remember what life was like before Baby (bB).

What did we do with our weekend days before ballet class, specific lunch times, and nap times structured our days?

What did we do in the evenings when there weren’t lunches to pack and a little person to bathe?

Seriously. What did we do?

Yesterday, I got the brief glimpse into the past we were trying to create.

I left work at 6:00pm.

I know. Crazy, right?

I used to leave at 6pm (or later) all the time (bB). These days, I’m in my car by 4:15 to get home for pick up.

There are benefits to this earlier departure, of course. I get to see my Baby earlier in the afternoon. I enjoy a day-lit ride home regardless of the season. Traffic is lighter so I get home more quickly (and with less stress).

But I’d forgotten about the benefits of leaving later.

Such as… the soft glow of dusk. The beautiful, soft palette of pale skies and setting sun with which to create an end-of-day drive. The world seems calm, as if everyone is winding down. I miss that dusk glow.

The winding down. I miss that too. At 6pm these days, winding down is still hours away for me. I don’t wind down until skies are dark and evening has turned to night.

Listening to the evening radio. Marketplace on NPR. Used to be one of my favorites. The witty reports on business dealings and the stock market delivered in short, easily digestible bites. I used to feel caught up.

Of course, I wouldn’t trade what I have now for anything.

But it’s good to remember what you miss.


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