The block

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I have writer’s block these days.

Which, I have come to learn, is not so much a block in my brain as it is in my heart. Writing has become how I pause and reflect on life and those moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

But my brain feels blocked too.

There is a lot going on. Lots of big changes. Lots of new things. Lots to think about, work out, figure out.

Lots upon lots.

My focus is diverted.

And so I’m missing the moments.

Like the moment last week when, completely unprompted from the back seat of the car, she said, “You know what I love you!” all rushed out in one breath.

Or the moments on Saturday when she leaped with both feet into ballet class and danced like I knew she could dance.

Or the moment last night when we all, all three of us, cuddled on the couch for almost an hour, just reading.

Maybe I’m not missing these moments. Maybe they are there, in my heart, just waiting for the block to disappear.

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