This week, I am thankful for – getting unstuck

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Life can be sticky.

I’m not talking about candy-left-in-the-diaper-bag-for-days sticky or toddler-fingers-covered-in-icing sticky. (Though it can certainly be those things too).

I’m talking about the sticky that makes you feel stuck. Unable to move. Rooted to a spot. Legs cycling, expending tons of effort, yet covering no distance.

Unsticking can be tricky. Rarely is it something you can do on your own. Most often, you need someone, or several someones, to help you unstick.

This week, I got a bit unstuck. I covered some distance. Not all of the distance that I wanted to cover. But small victories must be celebrated.

And so, this week I am thankful for…

… success.

… my brave, little girl who never ceases to make me proud.

… butterflies and birthdays.

… accomplishment… even if all I accomplished was cleaning out one closet. It’s looking good.

… support and confidence.

… the diner. Our new girl’s night out destination.

… pop-up cards.

… my husband. He loves me, even when I am clingy and needy one day and nearly unavailable the next.


Happy weekend, all.

mommy and baby at the museum

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