Feels nice. Like settling in. Thirty was not bad. I didn’t dread it or anything. It treated me well. But thirty-one? Call me crazy but I’m just really looking forward to it.


The lovely Kelle Hampton posted a list of things she learned this year for her birthday. As always, she has inspired me and so, here is my list.

From age 30, I learned…

… big gestures are wonderful and they do have their place. But the quick, small ‘Hi!’ or ‘I’m thinking about you!’ or ‘I saw/did/read/heard this and thought of you!’ – those are what makes the world go ‘round.

… traveling is so much better with wifi.

… a day at the beach brings out the best in me.

baby and mommy at the beach

… I loathe wearing shoes. Bare feet are happy feet.

… I simultaneously love the luxury of sleeping in AND the beautiful quiet of rising before the sun (and toddler).

… if you entertain a two-year-old with something interesting, she will sit still long enough for you to french braid her hair.

french braids

… time with family is more important, urgent, worthwhile, necessary than anything I have to do on any day.

… it is OK to be really girly every once in a while.

… friendships are key to happiness and, as such, they must be nurtured.

… age just represents a number of years. Not a definition or expectation.


This morning, we celebrated at the Natural History Museum’s butterfly conservatory. Nothing spells birthday magic like walking hand-in-hand with the ones you love the most while dozens of beautifully colored wings flutter around your head.

red butterfly on green leaves

feel the flutter signFeel the flutter indeed.

The celebrations continue with more family time and a rare date-night at my most favorite restaurant in the city.

Hello thirty-one. So far, you’re looking just lovely.


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