This week, I am thankful for – blessings


It’s been a big week here. Yet quiet at the same time. Winter has a way of doing that, I suppose. Big things happen but the hush of the cold softens the sounds. I don’t like winter but I do like soft sounds.

So I’ll keep this soft. And brief.

This week, I am thankful for…

… blessings. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

… flights that land early and gift me extra time with my family.

… coming home. One of my favorite parts of traveling.

… honesty. It flat out should be the way you approach other humans but it’s rarity in this world so I’m thankful for it when I see it.

… cuddles, books, and blankets on the couch.

… the opportunity to learn something new.

… arguments that bring us closer.

… five words: “Yay! My Mommy is here!”

… heart shaped cookie cutters (yep, a repeat… what can I say, they are awesome).

heart shaped valentines day cookies

Happy weekend, all.

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