We should do that again soon


I hate traveling without them.

Traveling babies surround me and make me want to cry with how much I miss my little girl. I am never truly settled or at ease when M is not right next to me.

But I love spending time with a good friend.

It’s a rare thing in my life these days – time with a good friend. A quick cup of coffee here, a short phone call there, sure. But two full days? It’s a gift. A luxury. A true guilty pleasure.

An indulgence well worth it all.

And so this past weekend, I packed my bags and headed to Mexico.

Though it broke my heart to leave them, even for two days, this past weekend will be a blip on the radar screen as far as our lives are concerned.

“Remember that weekend I went away?”

“Hmm. Not really.”

But for my friend and I? This weekend will consume the radar screen for some time.

“Remember that time I came to visit?”

“Yes! And it was amazing! We talked non-stop for two days straight!”

“Yes! We waited for that tour bus for two hours. It never came but we just talked the whole time.”

“Yes! And then we stopped for coffee and stayed there until long after dark.”

“Yes! We should do that again soon!”

Oh yes. We should do that again soon.


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