Relaxation. I used to reserve it for vacations. Friday nights after a long week of work. Sunday afternoons… before a long week of work.

Now, I try to incorporate small moments to unwind daily hourly minute-by-minute in my normal routine. Few things, or people, work for very long when wound up super tight. Sporadic unwinding… it prevents breakage.

Sporadically, I unwind…

… with deep, long breaths. In the car on the ride from (or sometimes to) work. In the middle of a meeting. After the fifth “Mommy!” in under a minute. If there is one thing I’ve taken from yoga, it’s deep calming breaths. They work.

… by sinking into my couch. At anytime of day. This couch is like a big hug. Love it more than I love most non-human things.

… speaking of hugs… with hugs! The circling arms of those I love melts away the stress in my muscles with amazing speed.

… speaking of melting away the stress in my muscles… wine. And tea. Both have such soothing properties. Just preparing a glass or a cup brings a sense of relaxation.

… by reading. A book. Not on a device with a screen. But pages bound together. The soft sound of flipping paper brings me calm.

… baking also brings me calm. Who can be stressed when mixing butter and sugar into a fluffy white consistency? That combination… it has restorative properties.

… with music. Certain songs bring me back from the edge.

… with writing. Getting the thoughts out of my head. Freeing my mind to relax.

How do you unwind?


Today’s stream of consciousness prompt: Describe, in detail, the way you like to relax.



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