It’s beautiful.

Months (years?!) can pass. We’ll exchange little more than a passing Facebook comment or hastily written email. Our lives will move, covering large distances. Life will change.

And then, over a shared cup of tea, squeezed in between Christmas parties and holiday errands, I’ll find her right where I left her. And she’ll find me in the same place.

It wasn’t always this way. For years, we walked side-by-side. Hand-in-hand. In the same direction. Towards the same, shared destination.

And, with that destination in our rear view, we kept walking. We clutched hands. Tightly. White knuckles. Finger nails digging in.

Sometimes it hurt. Pulling in different directions. We stretched… but could only stretch so far.

And so we let go.

We stayed in touch. A thin line strung between two cans. We’d call across it on occasion. Not exactly catching up. Mostly just making sure the connection still worked.

It always did.

One day, she came into town and we made plans to have lunch. Waiting for our food to arrive, my then 1-year-old daughter between us, we talked. We caught up. We covered the large distances that our lives had traversed. We listened intently to the rhythmic ups and downs of each others’ lives, feelings past and present. We remembered what it felt like to be heard in this way. We lamented the absence of friends who listen like this in our daily lives.

We made a pact to talk more. To remember she is there when you need a friend.

And I do remember. And she is there. And (I hope) I am there.

We don’t walk side-by-side anymore. But we seek out time to be side-by-side. And when it happens?



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  1. I love this. It was so beautifully written and worded. I miss my best friend so much as we live so far apart, but I felt what you expressed. Picking up where we left off is the easiest thing in the world when it’s with someone who means so much. Well written and well said. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Andrea! I’m always so jealous of people who live near their best friends. But yes, it is so nice to be able to just pick back up.

  2. Beautifully written tribute to your friend. Recognizing the need to reconnect, to touch fingers across distance–it’s so important.

  3. Friendship is beautiful and the words you chose to express it are stunning. Well done.

  4. Beautifully written. I can relate so much. I’ve had a hard time staying in touch with friends who don’t have kids. I want to be there, but it’s hard.

  5. “A thin line strung between two cans. ” I did that. I totally did that with my childhood BFF. Gee, It’s been so long since I’ve spoken with her. I heard her husband died. I really, really should reach out. Yes. I’m going to do it. Hold me to it, Tricia. Really.

    • It is so cool that you did that! I never did but ALWAYS wanted to… It sounds so romantic! Now go call that friend, I will certainly hold you to it 🙂

  6. Visiting from WOE…

    Lovely response to the prompt. What a perfect way to describe a true, strong friendship!

  7. Tears… tears of joy when I read your blog today. Even if tears come down I have a huuuuge smile from ear to ear and cannot wait until tomorrow.
    It is going to be T&F reloaded!!! 😉

    PD. I love you friend 🙂

  8. Very beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend.

  9. You described it perfectly finding the time “to be side by side.” I know just the person I need to share this with. Thank you. -Ellen

    Glad I found you through WOE.

  10. I feel the comfort of being able to count on your friend when you need her. Nice to know you only have to reach out when you need her.

  11. You are such a beautiful writer. You have captured the essence of one of my dearest friendships here. I can’t wait to send it to her. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Lovely.

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  13. It’s so hard to maintain friendships over distance when everyone has kids and spouses and jobs. I’m just trying to maintain my friendship with my husband and we live in the same house and sleep in the same bed all night!
    Louise Ducote recently posted..I’m Sorry, Stranger!My Profile

  14. Beautiful! This is how I feel about my friends! Happy SITS Day!

  15. Awwww!!! I love this post too!! My friendship with my best friend has lasted 35 years…we live about an hour away from each other but we talk every day sometimes multiple times. It may be for an hour in the morning or 3 minutes here and there. At this point, she is more like a sister to me. I always wish we lived on the same block as we did as children.
    Tara @ recently posted..Sunblock tips for childrenMy Profile

  16. Absolutely beautiful post. I have only a couple sweet friendships like this. They began in the simpler days of life. Thank you for the encouragement to keep working at keeping those relationships alive through the years!

    PS: Happy SITS Day!
    Jennifer Leigh recently posted..Gluten Free Travel | Sandals JamaicaMy Profile

  17. Yes so true! Years sometimes go by with my BFF from high school and yet, we just take off where we were when we are together! Happy SITS Day!
    Raquel recently posted..Celebrating the first weekend of SummerMy Profile

  18. It’s wonderful to maintain friendships through the ages. I have some from 30+ years now and they are a joy in my life. It’s great catching up when you are apart too. Enjoy your Sits Day!
    Lisa recently posted..Are You Sore From Working On Your Computer?My Profile

  19. Happy SITS Day Tricia! I had the same experience with my BFF, she won tickets to attend Oprah’s Lifeclass here in St Louis. We spent the whole day together, like teenagers shopping, lunch, catching up and then attending the show. I blogged about it too. We also promised to stay in touch and so far we are keeping out word. Great post.
    Whitney recently posted..Comment on An Intimate Night to Remember by WhitneyMy Profile

  20. Thank you so very much for writing this. I have the same relationship with the person that I still refer to as my best friend, even though we haven’t seen each other in at least five years. Facebook and email keep us in communication but our friendship is what will always keep us together.

    Happy SITS day from one working mom to another!

  21. Those are the best friendships, the ones that continue in our hearts even when we can’t be together. The ones that let the other person grow.

    Love this.
    misssrobin recently posted..Why Doesn’t the World Stop?My Profile

  22. Lovely! This post perfectly describes my relationship with my best friend.
    I really like your blog design, too. The picture in your header is so sweet.
    I’m visiting from SITS – Happy SITS Day!
    Elena recently posted..What Makes Your Morning? A Blogger LinkupMy Profile

  23. This one gave me chills. There is nothing like an old friend – even when you are not side by side anymore.
    ilene recently posted..The Power Of Goals: The Weekly ChaseMy Profile

  24. I have a couple friends like that.
    mom2kmjx2 recently posted..Log Cabin PurseMy Profile

  25. It’s so hard to stay connected with our busy lives. I don’t get to see my best friend much, but when we do, we fall right back into place. Stopping by from SITS today.
    Colleeng recently posted..Safety Not Guaranteed – Movie ReviewMy Profile

  26. Very lovely!! And I know how it is. Even though you don’t see each other often when you do it’s like you were never apart.

  27. I am SO emailing this post to my best friend of 26 years! ~J
    Jamie and Lindsi recently posted..Mommy Blogger, What I Really Do…My Profile

  28. Woo hoo for friends! Love when friendships transcend all the phases of our lives and just are.
    Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted..The Three KingsMy Profile

  29. Visiting today from the SITS girls. This story touched me deeply. I have a BFF that I have been friends with since we were in high school. Times have changed we have grown apart, back together and now it seems apart again. When we do get a chance to meet up (she lives in a different state) it seems like nothing has changed. Hopefully someday we will find our way back, Well written!
    Tammy recently posted..Monday’s PinspirationMy Profile

  30. *sigh*
    You make me miss my friend. It’s exactly the same!
    In from SITS (See! Got it right this time. Getting there.)
    Student Mom (Jenn) recently posted..You Know You’re a Mom when…My Profile

  31. Beautifully written post…that’s the great thing about best friends, no matter how long it’s been since you talked, it’s easy to pick up right where you left off. Happy belated SITS day!
    Tanya recently posted..Book Review: Divergent by Veronica RothMy Profile

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