Today’s equation


When raising a human, most days are good with a few bad moments.

On those days, the joy of morning cuddles > the disappointment of an unfinished lunch.

A delicious homemade breakfast > a tantrum over getting dressed.

Successfully running an accident-free errand with a little girl in big girl undies > … well pretty much anything.

That’s status quo. The normal equation.

It can get better than that. Oh yes. It sure can. And it does.

But… it can also get worse.

Because some days are just plain bad with a few good moments.

On those days, the complete refusal to take a nap > the joy of morning cuddles.

The limit testing and defiance-with-every-breath > breakfast (homemade or not… because, by 10am, who can remember breakfast anyway?)

Four accidents in a row > … well pretty much everything.

On the just plain bad days, you want to hold onto the good moments to get you through. You think that you should. You feel like that is what you are supposed to do. Like that is what should help.

But it doesn’t.

The just plain bad days are about survival. Nothing more. Set your sights on bedtime and just survive.

Because the just plain bad days are few. And far between.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Or maybe even better.


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