This week, I am thankful for – victories big and small

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Well, what a week.

I learned a lot about balance this week (more, much more, about that later). I learned about focus and presence in the moment this week. I learned patience. I learned, in many more ways than one, the incredible value in celebrating the small victories and learning from, then letting go, the not so victorious moments.

There were many ups and downs to this week. Lots of ups at home. Quite a few downs at work and with my writing. And that happens. Along with time, success must also be balanced, though we don’t always think of it that way.

And so, this week I am thankful for…

… big girl undies.

… my big girl – she is amazing.

… bath towels and mattress pads.

… perspective on what balance really feels like.

… my husband – a true partner.

… 3-day weekends.

… babysitters.

… a chance to learn new things.

… neighbors who help us get through and celebrate with us at the end.

… Elmo balloons.

Happy Friday to you. They’re calling for snow… I think it’s gonna be another lived in kind of weekend here.


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