A really good start


When I resolved to be more present in the moment and make every day memorable, I expected it to be challenging.

I expected weeks and weeks of struggling. Reflecting each night on the ways I had strayed and renewing my vow each morning.

I expected to fail famously before succeeding modestly.

I did not expect M and Baby to show me how to do this one with such simple grace.

But oh did they.

In the part of our evening routine that is characterized by acceleration, they slowed down. On the way to washing hands after dinner, they paused. They created. A chalk masterpiece that took on a life of it’s own.

chalkboard art

And instead of seeing a moment perfect for sneaking away to check email or prepare for bedtime, I saw a moment to be present.

drawing a sun on a chalkboard

(I’m going with present is present, behind the camera or not)

I watched. I ooed and aahed as the sun and the earth and the  moon took shape.

earth chalkboard art

I eavesdropped on their plans. I marveled at how a half circle became a face, became a moon, became an elephant.

earth moon sun chalkboard art

I curled up in that moment, ignoring the clock and chores and anything that wasn’t materializing on the chalkboard.

A present moment. A memorable moment. A really good start.



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