This week, I am thankful for – friends and family

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This is always the week when it starts to get tough. New year’s day is barely visible in our rearview mirror. The new year’s feelings are starting to fade. Life goes back to it’s busy norm. Resolutions become more difficult to keep.

This week was fast. Busy. Scattered.

But I’m holding on. I’ve got a white knuckled grip on that new year feeling and I’m not letting go.

And so, this week I am thankful for…

… friends who eagerly catch up and bring a smile to my face.

… neighbors who happily offer advice and guidance as we enter new territory.

… naps.

… trains that run on time.

… trains with wireless internet. This is the future.

… reunions.

… more unseasonably warm January weather.

… warm chocolate chip cookies.

… the kind words of family and friends that keep me going.

… my husband. He is a great dad.

… planning ahead – a resolution I’m keeping so far and it fees so good.

Happy Friday, all. We’ve got a long weekend of one big milestone ahead. Wish us luck!


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