The night before


Rush home.

How was her day?

Time to pack. Suitcase is in the attic. The small red one or the smaller green one?

Not a great nap but she finished her milk. Yay!

I can take the green one if I don’t take an extra pair of shoes. But what if the heel breaks?

Why do I always think about that?

Hugs, kisses, welcome me home.

What will I wear tomorrow? I need to iron.

5pm. Baby time.

Snack. Crayola and construction paper.

Don’t forget to book the taxi to the train.

Dinner prep. Soak the rice.

Packing lunch. Milk in a cup. Apples or grapes?

Daddy’s home! Daddy can we please go out in the snow?

Oh yeah, of course, it’s snowing.

More outfit planning. How on earth did I end up owning so much black?

Dinner time. One more bite. How was your day? One more bite. Almost done packing. TAKE ONE MORE BITE!

Dinner’s over. More packing. More snow.

Tan jacket and black pants. Will have to do.

Cuddle on the couch. Read four books in a row while orange slices pass across my lap. Sweet, sticky, orangey smell. Cozy, warm, contented feeling – the kind only found when nestled between the ones you love the most.

I will probably forget my toothbrush in the morning. But this memory? It’s safely packed.

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