Today’s distraction: a pile of undies


There is a pile of undies sitting on my dining room table.

Dora (of course) and ballerinas (obviously) adorn these symbols of a big girl. A big girl lives here.

The undies themselves are not distracting. They are cute and need to be washed but they can sit there for a while longer without disturbing anyone.

What the undies represent… that is distracting.

A week ahead of preparing. Planning and plotting. Deciding. Readying.

A weekend ahead of causing distraction. Gentle disruptions when she is her most focused, “Don’t forget, tell us when you need to go potty!”

A threshold. I’ve been carefully squinting for weeks months. Squinting to make the distance blurry. Finding distractions so I could avoid that gateway up ahead with the words BIG GIRL in big, bright letters.

But here we are.

On the bright side, I expect that next weekend, I’ll be distracted from the sadness of this milestone by laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. And cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. And prayers for endless patience. Lots and lots of patience.


Today’s stream of consciousness prompt: Write about the distractions you have right now.



  1. Oh my goodness, I remember the ‘big girl’ phase….every phase is hard, but enjoy the sweet moments in between! We just went through the driving phase. Time has flown, and I can’t believe that she will be 17 in less than a month.

  2. I was sadder about the transition to a big girl bed. Potty training just sucks. Good luck!

  3. Transitions can be hard…especially when it means you can’t stop time.

    Stopping by from SOC

  4. Aww…wow. Thanks for sharing. I find myself wishing for patience too. And someone else to do the laundry. *hugs*

  5. You should pat yourself in the back. Potty training was hard for me and I have a boy 😀

  6. I saw this title & had to stop over from SOCsunday to check it out. I remember feeling so liberated once we no longer needed the pullups. I love the little undies I have to wash every week & I love shopping for ones my son will be happy to wear. Loved this post!

  7. Just as my baby is about to turn 5 is when it’s really hitting me. I think little girls can be more independent but little boys love their mommies. It’s killing me to see him pulling away, if only just a bit, to become an independent little boy.

    • Oh the independence – so tough for a mama! To think, back in the infant days, I used to anxiously await each big milestone. Now I try to avoid them.

  8. Good luck with this transition, I know you will find the patience 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  9. Popped in from SITS! I’m not a mom yet, but I can imagine the frustration it might bring.

  10. Oh man, it goes by so fast, doesn’t it?! We are just thinking about thinking about potty training here, since our girl keeps taking off her diaper and peeing on the floor. Which reminds me to get out the potty chair today. The good thing? No more diapers? The “bad” thing? No more baby! Good luck with it all!

  11. Awe! Sweet, precious moments! Savor and enjoy this special time. :O)

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