It’s quiet when everyone else is sleeping


There is nothing quite like being the only one awake in a full house.

Even the cats are asleep.

It’s calm. It’s quiet.

It’s so quiet that the whir of the heater sounds loud.

This is when I used to flip on the TV for some background noise to fill the void.

But now I love the quiet.

The time to let my mind be at peace.

To not hear or listen. To not receive or process. To let my thoughts wander where they want.

Even if what they seem to want is to go to that meeting I’ll have tomorrow at work, that I don’t really want to think about right now. Or that awkward moment with a family member that didn’t go as I wish it had. Or that, rather than sitting here right now, I could be organizing my closet because that will make me feel accomplished later.

It’s ok to wander to those places. Because this time is quiet. And in this quiet time, I can realize those thoughts and let them go.

And then move on to think about other things.

Like how good it is that I am sitting here right now. How good it is that I am writing.

And that, despite how I often feel just the opposite, these quiet times really do exist for me.

And that, when they all wake up, I’ll squeeze them hard and cuddle up in their sleepy warmth.

Yes. I love the quiet. When everyone else is sleeping.


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