It would have been…


It would have been perfect if I had made my husband’s special birthday dinner on his actual birthday… instead of 8 days later.

It would have been ideal if I had managed to make the special dessert on the same night that I made the special dinner.

It would have been nicer if my daughter had gone easily to sleep on the night we were spending holiday time with family, and I hadn’t been completely distracted and insanely frustrated.

It would have been easier if I had not had to travel for work the week before Christmas.

It would have been more relaxing if I hadn’t scheduled a dentist appointment at 9 this morning, on our last day of holiday break.

It would be nice to have one more day of schedule-free bliss.


It was nice that I made lasagna for the first time yesterday. It was yummy and made our New Year’s Day special.

It will be lovely when we make chocolate chip cookies later this week and they will make Wednesday feel special.

It was so good that, sleep or no sleep, we did get to spend a relaxing afternoon and extra holiday time with family.

It will make life easy when I don’t have to travel for work this week.

It is relaxing to think that I don’t have to return to the dentist for another 6 months.

It will be nice to get back into routine. And a new year. And to make this fresh start official.

It always feels like it would be nicer/better/more perfect if this or that or the other thing. But, the truth is, it’s pretty darn wonderful just the way it is.



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