Some things change… others stay the same


Two posts in one day?!? Two posts in one naptime!?!

That’s how we’re gonna roll in 2012.

After finishing up my new year’s resolution post, I wandered over to All Things Fadra and found that she is starting her new year off right with a stream of consciousness Sunday. And I couldn’t resist her prompt: Write about the things you don’t want to change in 2012.

After just pouring out the things that I do want to change, it feels only fair to write about what I don’t want to change.


… Friday night, pizza night. It may have been last year’s brain child, and some weeks I am downright sick of pizza. But it’s tradition now. And it’s not going anywhere.

… breakfast with Baby. Every morning. It is the only way to start my day now.

… spending weekend time together, as a family. The three of us are inseparable on the weekends and it is unsettling when we don’t get that time to reconnect.

… waking up at 5:30am to write. I like this start to my day. At least… I like it on the days I manage to do it.

… writing. ALOT.

… candles and music in the evening. Before I start dinner each night, I light some candles around our home and put on some music. It gives the house a warm, cozy glow that is the perfect ending to any day.

… big travel. Not always easy, not always fun, with a toddler in tow. But easy and fun enough that it’s gotta keep happening.

… baking. I did a lot of it in 2011. I will do more in 2012.

… reading. For myself, to Baby, magazines, books – 2011 was the year I remembered how much I love to read. 2012 will be the year I keep going.

What will you keep the same in 2012?




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