Remember the magic

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I’m feeling a little ranty today. Not normal for me but, in the spirit of stream of consciousness, I let it all spill out. Thanks, in advance, for indulging me.


I’m done. I will not read one more article, blog post, tweet, or word about Santa or the Elf on the Shelf. It will be tough, I know, to avoid them during this final week. But I’ll do it.

That these childhood figures have become the source of so much heated discussion, have created so much guilt, and have provided yet another way for parents to judge each other… it just makes me sad.

Yes, the holidays are about so much more than gifts. They are about precious time with loved ones. They are about baking cookies with friends and family. Beautiful music that only gets air time in November and December. Making ourselves aware, as we hopefully do all year long, of just how truly blessed we are.

Yes, the holidays are about something spiritual. They are about marveling at the magnificence of a higher power. Remembering the stories and prayers we’ve heard and said since childhood. They are about a time to reflect and recenter.

But, for our children, the holidays are also about MAGIC. The magic of Christmas morning. The magic of the first snowfall of the year. The magic of tiny treats hidden inside an advent calendar. Small gifts tucked away inside shoes. Or, a happy little elf who moves around each night and waits to be excitedly found each morning.

So move your elf. Tell your kids Santa is coming. Or don’t. But please, please, please remember that you are writing their story. Remember that someday they will look back on these days. What memories do you want them to hold onto? How do you want them to think about their childhood? Think about what you want them to remember.

I want my daughter to remember all of it. Especially the magic.



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