This week, I am thankful for


In stark contrast to last week, this week was pure lovely. Demands on my time were still big but somehow, I found the time to meet (almost all of) them. I got to do more of my favorite things this week. Feels like success.

So here goes. This week, I am thankful for…

… time and space.

… lunchtime visits with Baby. Nothing beats a midday hug.

… my husband (aka my biggest fan) and his willingness to read every word I write.

… the affection and respect of friends.

… this community of moms who know how it feels to do what we do and never fails to provide comfort and perspective.

… Christmas cookies.

… that, when wrapping gifts, I had the perfect amount of wrapping paper left on my last roll to wrap the biggest box (sometimes it’s the little things…).

… forgiveness.

… holiday season memories and traditions, both old and new.

What are you all thankful for this week? I’d love to read some thankfulness in the comments. And, I promise, it feels so good to write it out.

Have a sweet holiday goodness kind of weekend.

christmas cookies with sprinkles

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