Hider and Seeker Reunion


“Threeeeee….. twooooo……. one…….. go find Daddy!!”

She is off and running before I can even remove my hands from her eyes.

“Where’s Daddy!?!”

She giggles in response.

Short attention span means that this game is only fun for a minute, maybe two at best. If she doesn’t have a lead by then, she gets anxious and frustrated. I can’t blame her. I prefer instant gratification too and I’m old enough to know good things really do come to those who wait.

Daddy picked a good spot today. I can see his elbow poking out from behind the tree but her eyes can’t make out that small detail from so far away.

She starts wandering and I follow along, ready to raise the energy level when 20 paces don’t reveal the Daddy she seeks.

Daddy, now anxious himself, peeks around the tree he is standing behind. Her eyes lock on him almost instantly. She shrieks with delight as her little legs work overtime, covering the distance between seeker and hider.

He scoops her up and swings her around. They laugh and hug and spin. They bond over this game every time and these moments make my heart swell.

Any reunion between daddy and daughter, no matter how small the space between, is pure love.

girl with pigtail braids


Linking up with Write on Edge for Red Writing Hood. This week’s prompt was to write a post that begins with a countdown. “Three, two, one.”


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