Pajama mornings


We stayed in our pajamas until almost noon this morning. Almost noon! That’s almost unheard of!

But oh does it make for a happy Baby. Her favorite part of the weekend is coming downstairs in her pajamas. I’m not sure if it’s the novelty or if her childhood intuition tells her that the days when she wears her pajamas downstairs are special. More fun, more relaxing, more Mommy, and more Daddy. She looks forward to it all week.

The longer she spends in pajamas, the happier she is. It’s like every extra minute she spends in pajamas increases her joy exponentially. I sometimes forget what a nice block of unstructured, pajama-clad playtime does for her mood. It’s quite magical.

Pajama mornings set us up for a cozy, home-bound day. We got dressed only to go get some lunch – which is the perfect form of Sunday laziness – getting dressed only to go out so someone else can make your lunch. Now we’re back and I don’t expect us to go outside again. When she wakes up, I think we’ll light a fire, put on some Christmas music, make some more cookie dough, create some more tree ornaments.

Maybe we’ll even put our pajamas back on. Because I love a happy toddler.



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  1. I love staying in my pajamas! Now that my girls are teenagers, they do sleep in quite late, but I’m looking forward to Christmas break…they’ll sleep in late and when they wake up we’ll stay in our pajamas and watch all the shows we’ve DVR’d. :]

  2. That sounds like a pretty amazing day! Lazy Sundays in your PJ’s are the best!!! 🙂

  3. Those are some fantastic memories you’re making with her! I used to love pajama days with my mom because it meant that she wasn’t going anywhere and that she would relax, something she rarely did. I still look forward to those days.

  4. Sounds like a most wonderful way to spend the day. My son will wear his until I finally tell him (ie notice) to change into real clothes. Which means, if i don’t say anything, it will be bedtime before he gets around to it.

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