This week, I am thankful for

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It has been an intense week for me, here. I successfully finished NaBloPoMo on Wednesday, far exceeding my own expectations as to how long I’d last. I accomplished some big deliverables at work. I started to introduce the magic of the holidays to my daughter and think through how to do that right. Looking back, it feels overwhelming. But I did it all.

And I’m grateful that I can do it all. It is overwhelming, yes. And stressful, of course. But my family is happy and healthy, my job allows me to accomplish goals with the support of co-workers, and I have the time and space to indulge my passions. I am truly blessed in this busy life.

And so, another thankfulness Friday rolls along. And another list spills out of me as I drink my coffee.

Here’s this week in a thankful nutshell.

This week, I am thankful for…

… routines and their ability to draw you into something familiar.

… tutus.

… lunch meetings.

…. toddlerisms.

… cranberries that my daughter insisted we buy (aka the perfect excuse to make cranberry walnut bread).

… technology that makes the distance between friends seem even the slightest bit smaller.

… mixed CDs.

Fall days that feel like Spring.

… elves, and the magic that they bring to little girls.

elf on the shelf

introducing... our elf Charlie


This weekend, we’ll be getting ourselves into the holiday spirit and I can’t wait.

Happy weekend, everyone.


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