I did it. And it was good.


I have focused. And I have followed through.

I wrote every day in November. I completed NaBloPoMo.

Some days were tough. Some days, it showed. But every day, I wrote. And that is the amazing part.

I made new friends. I found new sources of inspiration. I created new routines in my writing, and in my life around my writing, that will serve me well for years to come.

I regained my love of this craft.

But everyone needs a break sometimes and so tomorrow, break is what I will do. I will sleep in, until the luxuriously late hour of 6am (ahh). And in the evening, I will spend time with my husband, catch up with an old friend, and allow my mind a break. But on Friday, I’ll be back. Because I love what I do here.


And so I leave you with Five NaBloPoMo Gifts that I am Thankful for:

  1. My new Thankfulness Friday. This one’s a keeper. Maybe I’ll add a link-up to it? Don’t know. But I love ending my week on this note.
  2. Stream of Consciousness Sunday. It’s brilliant, it’s simple, it’s refreshing. It saved me on a particularly tough NaBloPoMo Sunday. Thanks to Fadra for creating it and Jenn for helping me find it!
  3. Finding posts in strange place. Posting every day made me more aware of my life, the things we do, the things that happen. In search of something to write about, I paid more attention and lived more in each moment.
  4. Liebster Award. My first award. Recognition is lovely.
  5. You. Readers, community, friends. (Most of) you weren’t here before November began. I’m so happy you’re here now.



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