Enjoying the Sun


It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving. And it feels like spring outside. It’s felt like Spring all weekend and we’ve been loving it. Two trips to the really, really, big park have made us all happier humans. Just a little bit of time to run outside, at a place she knows we came to just for her, and she is one happy little girl.

Two years ago, this day was just as warm. Funny the things you remember, year after year. I remember it was this warm because M and I took a long walk with our then 2-month old Baby. As we came home we passed almost every neighbor. Everyone was outside, taking advantage of the warmer than average air to do a little fall clean up.

That day, despite it’s beauty and warmth, was hard for me. It was my last day of maternity leave. I couldn’t enjoy the sun. I felt too anxious. I didn’t feel ready for the week of firsts ahead.

Not sure I feel ready for the week ahead of me today either. But I know what I’m walking into, and that’s half the battle.

So today, I’m enjoying the sun and the warmth it brings.



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