This week, I am thankful for…


Ahh it’s thankfulness Friday once again. I’ve been looking forward to this one.

Life is harder when M is away. Not actually hard by any means, just harder than normal for us. Sort of like how walking across sand on the beach is harder than walking down the street. There’s more resistance. But life is still good.

Family makes it easier. And I think it’s inevitable that when you have more loved ones around you, you feel more gratitude.

So, I’ll admit, I’ve been writing this list all week. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Here’s this week in a thankful nutshell.

This week, I am thankful for…

… Grandmoms who enjoy every moment with their granddaughter (and then eagerly share every memory at the end of the day).

… Poppops who will talk in funny voices, give life to stuffed animals, and wear pink and purple necklaces, all to make a little girl smile.

… Aunts who will play monotonous toddler games for hours on end – and enjoy every second.

… Dads who make coffee so I don’t have to.

… Moms who are exceptionally generous with their home, their time, and, not to be forgotten, their car.

extra Baby cuddles.

… eating lunch with Baby.

… reconnecting with an old friend and her new little love.

… sister time.

… parents who optimistically save boxes of old toys for their grandchildren to play with one day.

… Skype.

… Starbucks as an office-away-from-office.



Happy Friday! Happy weekend!



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