For the coffee


I don’t like waking up early. But I do love being awake early.

Dragging myself out of bed – such a high hurdle to be the first one of the day. I rarely clear it. The snooze button is my best friend in those early minutes but my sworn enemy the rest of the day.

The conversations in my head in those early minutes betray my weak self control. The cobwebs in my brain undo all of the planning and goal setting that took place the night before as I set my alarm.

And so I argue with myself.

Just five more minutes!

No! Think of how good you’ll feel if you get up now and accomplish something!

Just one more snooze!

No! Think of how nice it will be to enjoy the precious quiet of right now?

Five more minutes is not going to matter in the grand scheme of things!

No! Think of the coffee!

And then I get up.

For the coffee.


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