Over the river and through the woods


After careful deliberation earlier this week, I did finally decide.

I went with my heart. And this morning, we boarded the train.

baby on the train

Baby is getting used to riding the rails. She knows the drill and, except for a little volume control difficulty, is a perfect travel companion.

We’re missing Daddy something awful right now. I always feel out of sorts when he is away. Just not myself. I know I’m a big cheese ball but he completes me. That’s just how it is. I’ll feel unsettled and more than a little bit anxious until we’re all back together next Sunday.

But we’re here with Grandmom and Poppop and Aunt K now  and they will get us through this week with smiles and laughter and support. As I watched Baby reconnect with each of them, my mind wandered to what we’d be doing at home, on our own.

I made the right decision.

Hope you’re feeling right in your decisions today too.

Happy Saturday.



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