This week, I am thankful for…


I feel like I can’t really remember this week. It all went by in a quick-moving blur. What even happened on Monday? Anything good? And there is still so much to be done before I can call the week closed.

So, this week’s thankful list was a challenge. But that’s part of the point. Even last night, as I was going to bed, exhausted and thinking about the blur that was this week, I looked forward to this morning. A time to sit and reflect on the week and what made it special.

So, here is this week in a thankful nutshell.

This week, I am thankful for…

… extra time and space to slow down for a bit.

… a nanny who feeds my child’s loves and interests with books.

… Fancy Nancy.

… aging bananas (aka the perfect excuse to make banana bread).

… decisions made.

… late-blooming flowers.

… conversations with Baby.

… family who welcomes us in with open arms, every time.

… my health.

… coffee.

But, I gotta admit, I still don’t remember what happened on Monday.

Happy Friday, Happy 11.11.11, Happy weekend!



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