Falloween – the second attempt


Around this time last year, a very scary Halloween scene had settled in my home. It was terrifying. Our home was possessed…. by the toddler tantrum.

Baby had turned one just a month earlier and overnight, my sweet, happy baby had learned to throw an award-winning, lay-on-the-floor, kicking-and-screaming tantrum. I was ridiculously unprepared. It kept me up at night. My quest to overcome the tantrum became all-consuming.

And that is how we found ourselves strolling around Falloween, unprepared and costume-less.

Falloween is an annual Halloween festival in our community. Swarms of kids in costumes run amok amidst scarecrows precariously balanced on stilts.  Groups of children cluster around a small, make-shift petting zoo, waiting to join the costume parade. I’d seen it in years past and always dreamed of bringing little ones to it when the time came. But last year, my mind was elsewhere. I forgot. And there we were, no costume, no plan, no fun. I felt awful.

I promised myself her that next year, we would make it to Falloween, and we’d be prepared, in costume, and it would be awesome.

As Halloween and Falloween neared this year, I was determined to keep that promise. I needed to replace last year’s memory with a new one. Weeks ahead, I marked the date in our calendar. Her costume was ready.  We were going to do this and nothing was going to stop us.

Not even a SNOWSTORM.

This was the scene outside our window on Saturday, coincidentally the ‘rain or shine’ date set for this year’s Falloweeen.

snowy pumpkins

Pumpkins look kinda pretty covered in a layer of snow and ice, don't they? Who knew?

But a promise is a promise.  So out we went. Bundled up and braving the elements for some Falloween fun.

baby in kitty costume

The Falloween organizers tried hard this year. The petting zoo was there, but all of the animals were clustered under a tent. Face painting was tucked under a small awning. And the magician had taken cover in the parking garage. The kids’ costume parade never got started. They tried, and I admire the effort.  But the result was soggy.

So we  headed home for some more typical snow-day activities.

Baby and I huddled in the kitchen

baby mixing

and found a way to be Halloween-festive despite the Christmas-like weather.

pumpkin cupcake

pumpkin cupcake

And it was lovely.


This year’s Falloween experience may not have been the brilliant vindication I had planned. But the weekend was still fantastic. We didn’t let anything dampen our spirit this year.  Nothing consumed my attention or distracted me.  I didn’t allow it.  We celebrated Halloween and enjoyed our time together as a family.

And this year, I have memories worth remembering.

flour on baby's feet


If you want to make some pumpkin cupcakes of your own, I give you my inspiration, the cupcake recipe, and the frosting recipe. Smitten Kitchen keeps me baking.


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