Happy pumpkins + storm troopers = my weekend


This weekend has left me a little bit speechless.

I needed a weekend like that.

Still feeling not so successful but wanting to focus on success, I needed those two days to make it easy for me.

And they delivered.

With happy-faced pumpkins

pumpkin carving

and goofy pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark eyes (they’re staring at you…)

pumpkin with glow in the dark eyes

and photos that come out all creepy looking in a sorta perfectly festive way.

creepy pumpkin

We had more gorgeous fall weather with gorgeous fall color

golden fall leaves

that was simply perfect for a walk around the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Baby at rennfest

as these storm troopers could attest.

storm trooper at renn fest

A busy yet peaceful weekend and I started this week feeling fulfilled and refreshed (… and a little bit flu-ish but mostly fulfilled and refreshed).

Hope your week has enjoyed a lovely start.


p.s. I know you can’t walk through the Internet these days without tripping over someone’s carved pumpkins grinning back at you.  Thanks for indulging me.

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