Group hug


Last night I called home twice to say hello. The first time was rushed so I had to call back. It’s been a while since the last time that the phone had to stand in for me but she remembered the drill. “Hi Mommy” “I love you Mommy” “I miss you Mommy” “Goodnight Mommy” all mostly prompted by M but it’s ok.

When I called back later, after dinner with clients and coworkers, M told me how truly missed I was at bedtime. After stories and prayers, he picked her up for final hugs and kisses. “Group hug?” she asked him. It’s our tradition. One giant hug with a Baby in the middle. She snuggles into us, stretching her arms as wide as they will go to circle both of us in her tiny little arms. But last night I was much too far away to join the circle.

She cried. She wanted Mommy.

M shone in this Daddy-daughter moment. He told her that Mommy is always with her in her heart.

“Where is Mommy?”
“In my heart.”

He is an amazing Daddy. He tells me often that I am so good with her. But he OWNS these kinds of moments. She, like me, will be one of the few people in the world to feel the warm comfort of his sweet and spiritual side. We are two lucky ladies.

And now, I’m on my way home. I’ll take his lead and remind her that I am always in her heart. But tonight, I’ll be in the group hug too.


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