Dear Fall


Dear Fall,

We both know, we’ve never been the best of friends. We both know my heart really belongs to Spring.

Yes, I know you are gorgeous and refreshing and ripe for outdoor activities. Just like Spring. But it’s, you know, different with us. You are the gateway to my least favorite season (sorry, winter, but you know it’s true).  I’m more of a pastel girl and your golden hues have always been a bit too warm for me. I’d live in flip flops if I could and you force my toes into socks and boots.

But this year, I have to say, you’re winning me over.  You’re getting a lot of help, mind you.  The world seems to be reveling in you this year and I’m just getting swept up in it.

Golden hues

orange leaves blue sky

winning me over

red orange leaf

Just keep the blue skies around, please. Because if I can keep associating you with memories like this:

baby swinging

then we will have a long, happy friendship.

Reluctantly yours,



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