The warm glow of Fall


This weekend was FULL. Lots of busy things. Lots of baffling things. And one very unsettling thing.

But more about all that later. It’s Monday. Let’s live a little while longer in the warm glow of the good Fall memories we made.

coloring outside


Like, Friday night pizza. This is how (almost) all of our weekends have begun in 2011. M and I felt like geniuses when we first came up with Friday night-pizza night. Sometimes we make our own, sometimes we go out. Sometimes, on particularly bad-weather Fridays, we order in.

It’s such a tradition that our nanny and neighbors now joke about it every Friday afternoon.

I love having that kind of tradition. I also love that for one day, each week, I don’t have to think about what to have for dinner.

This week, we went out. And we brought a special guest.

bear sitting on table

She likes extra cheese. Just like Baby. Go figure.


Saturday marked our 3rd straight day of sunshine, after a month of rain.  And we were still drinking it up as if it might vanish again at any moment.

If we could do it outside this weekend, we did it outside.

coloring outside

We reunited with the park.

playing in the sandbox

We played Baby’s new favorite game: Hide and Seek.

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten… where are you!?!

Baby and Daddy hide and seek

I could not stop staring at the sky. So BLUE! It’s true, what they say. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

leaves and sky

I love these days, when the reds and oranges start peeking out through the green.


We finally got to Cox Farms for Fall fun.

Baby and hay

And pumpkins!


She’s been talking about them for days.

Baby picking pumpkins

And she picked quite a beauty.



Clouds started rolling back in this afternoon. Rumor has it they’ll be sticking around for a few days. That’s ok.  Our next reunion with the sun will just be that much sweeter.


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


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