When drop-offs are hard


These are the days when the drop-offs are hardest.

For me, always, more than her.

Four days of lots of time together, more than normal, thanks to the weekend and two vacation days for the nanny.  After four days, I get used to toting her around with me.  To thinking of things we can do together.  To the funny, magical rhythm of our conversations.  It’s still so magical to me that we have conversations at all.  That after months of wondering what her voice would sound like, we now have what you would call conversation.  Wow.

Over these past four days, we baked a cake, we made little animals with play-dough, we spent an hour at the bookstore and shared a snack in the cafe, we took a fall-walk in search of leaves, we went to the park.

But now she is settling in to her normal Wednesday routine with our nanny and our neighbor.  And I’m off to work.

I miss her.



*I’m a day late again this week  but, better late than never, I’m linking up with Heather at the Extraordinary Ordinary for Just Write*


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