“Pumped up Kicks” and dancing Peanuts characters


I love this song right now.


Probably because I can’t really understand the words. The music makes me happy.  It makes me imagine myself as one of those little dancing girls from A Charlie Brown Christmas (you know the ones – purple shirts, super happy dance).

This song makes me feel hip.  Even though I only hear this song when it comes on the radio and, by definition, hip things are not heard on the radio.

After listening to this song last week, I almost told a co-worker that I liked his cool kicks.  Don’t worry, I stopped myself.  But they were cool and best described by the word ‘kicks.’


Before you leave, thinking that I have no point here and that I have, truly, lost my marbles, I DO have a POINT here.  And it is this:

On a dreary Monday, it is easy to feel down and gloomy.  It’s hard to get up and dance, or even imagine yourself dancing.  Because it’s Monday and who feels like dancing on a Monday?

On days like these, you need to play your “Pumped up Kicks” – or whatever it may be for you.  Turn it on and turn it up.  If you can dance where you are, then dance!  Make an impromptu dance party in your house! If you can’t dance where you are, then imagine yourself dancing.

You’ll feel better.  At least for 4 minutes or so.  And, sometimes, that’s good enough for a Monday.


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