Just Write: What am I doing wrong?


I’ve wanted to be Ann Curry when I grow up for a long time. She is smart and therefore successful. She is more genuinely caring and kind than anyone I know. She is just such a warm and sweet person and I wish I could be like her.

Anyway…today, she did a segment with Martha Stewart. It was on in the background as I started my work for the day. I like Martha but I don’t love her like some people love her so normally I don’t pay a ton of attention when she is on. But they were talking about cookies and I do love cookies so I was half listening when I heard Ann Curry say, “Every week I whip up a batch of cookies to send in a care package” (to her daughter in college.)

Seriously? Ann Curry. Lead anchor for the Today show. Travels all around the world on assignment. Does a million other things that I can’t even list. And she sends her daughter a care package a week with homemade cookies?

What am I doing wrong?

My daughter’s second birthday was yesterday and I had to move all kinds of things around just to squeeze in the time to bake her a birthday cake. A couple of weeks ago I felt super proud of myself that I noticed (ok, M noticed) that some bananas were going bad and I made banana bread. It was a big deal! I never make anything for parties or get togethers, I always just buy it at the store.

And I do love to bake!

But yet someone with a schedule that is probably a hundred times more complex and demanding than mine can make cookies for her daughter every week.

And I know she’s not lying. It’s Ann Curry.

So what am I doing wrong?

And how do I do it right?

So now I feel sort of inspired. And I think that I will make dinner tonight. Sorry, frozen chicken tenders, you’ll have to stay in that freezer one more day. I’m going to make something from scratch for my family.

And maybe by the time Baby is in college, I will have figured it out and I will make cookies for her once a week too.


*I’m a day late this week due to Birthday celebrations but, better late than never, I’m linking up with Heather at the Extraordinary Ordinary for Just Write*


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