Happy Birthday Baby


To my sweet little girl,

Today you are two years old. You know that because we’ve been telling you about it for a week, but you can’t really comprehend it. It’s ok. I can’t really comprehend it either.

The morning that you arrived feels so close and so familiar that it couldn’t have been two years ago. I can still remember the feel of your tiny body in my arms as I gazed at your sweet angel face for the first time. Your big eyes stared back up at me, so wide and attentive, even in your first moments of life. That night, I couldn’t stop sitting up in bed to peek over at you, swaddled in your bassinet. I felt giddy with love for you. I remember saying to your Daddy, “I just love her so much!” I was amazed by you.

And I still am.

Even though those memories feel so fresh to me, we have so many more memories now. Two years worth! All of your firsts are forever imprinted on my mind and in my heart. The first time you sat up on your own, your first smile, first giggle. First foods, first steps. First words. And all of the foods, steps, giggles, smiles, and words in between.

You are the happiest little person I’ve ever known. And your happiness is infectious. It is impossible to sit in a room with you and not smile. The joy you find in the tiniest of things has reminded me to slow down and appreciate the small moments. Because those small moments are the ones we remember most.

I pray that you never loose that joy and that excitement for life.

Your sweet personality shines through in everything you do. From the hugs that you lavish on friends and family, to the caring way you treat your teddy bears and baby dolls, to the way you eagerly help with all kinds of chores, to the adoring look on your face as you pet our cat Mocha, I can see the amazing, kind, and warm-hearted woman you are.

And I can’t wait to see you blossom.

These days you love to dance and sing. You beg to help us cook and you spend hours with us in the kitchen, peeling garlic or picking basil leaves or mixing muffin batter. You spend hours with your dollhouse, feeding the family breakfast and putting them to sleep.

Your creativity and imagination are boundless.

When you’re happy, you laugh and dance. I do my best to prompt your laugh and dance as often as I can. When you meet someone new, you hug my leg and smile shyly. I hope I can provide the comfort you seek in those moments along with the confidence you need to show everyone your beautiful self.

I’m honored to be your Mommy. I just love you so much.

Happy Birthday, my love!



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