Solo parenting


This week it’s M’s turn to travel. My turn to stay home with Baby.

It’s been a while since Baby and I have been on our own for a few days. Long enough that I noticed tonight that solo parenting is much more fun now that she can not only talk but carry on a little bit of conversation. We’re still not talking about anything too deep but we definitely chatted while doing some evening chores, cooking dinner, and getting ready for bed. And it was a BLAST.

It was also surprisingly easy. At dinner time, she sat and ate (and ate, and ate, and I wondered where she was putting all of that pasta!). At bath time I got her into the tub without a fight (She loves the bath. But she also loves running down the hall completely naked.) At bedtime, she went right to sleep – none of this ‘more blanket!’ ‘more paci!’ more stalling! stuff she’s been doing at bedtime lately.

Our evening was simple. Quiet. Easy.

Is she just taking it easy on me because she knows that I always feel more than a little bit sad when Daddy is away?

Probably best to not question these things.

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