One of those weeks


It has been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS.  The week before vacation, a day of travel for work, lots of unexpected twists, lots of wrong turns, not enough time to do it all, not enough time to pack, not enough time to THINK STRAIGHT.  Through it all, I thought a lot and composed several posts in my head.  Such as:


Balance is a tricky concept – you can perceive it from a distance but in the moment, life rarely feels balanced.

I started my beach read early.  Does this mean that I am super type-A or beyond ready for vacation?

Toddlers make great packing companions.

How did I make it a week past the finale without watching SYTYCD!? (and without Googling to figure out who won!).


But this week has scattered my brain and I can’t think in a straight line, let alone write anything coherent.

So I’m looking forward to next week.  6 days of fun, sun, family, relaxing, sand, and sea breezes.  Time to think and write, and remember what’s important.

Next post, shoreside.

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