Perfect summer weekend


Every Sunday night, I move my wallet, keys, and sunglasses from my diaper bag to my purse.  Diaper bag is for weekends – trips to the park, excursions to the museums, family dinners at a nearby restaurant, or Sunday brunches.  Purse is… well it’s for work – daily grind, client meetings, moving about as a working woman who doesn’t need to lug around diapers and wipes.

I can sort of gauge how enjoyable my weekend was by how I feel about doing this transfer of items.  If it’s been a tantrum-a-minute kind of weekend, I might long for my purse and the quiet that comes with sitting at my desk at work.  Sometimes, frankly, it’s nice to go to work and be able to GO TO THE BATHROOM ALONE and WHENEVER I WANT.  But if it’s been a lovely weekend with lots of family time and time to relax, then this transfer makes me sad.

Last night, the transfer made me sad.

Picture a nearly perfect summer weekend.  We had it.  Despite rainstorms and heat and migraines.

I should have taken more photos but we were in such a summer mood that my brain went on a mini vacation and even when I was standing there, holding the camera, I opted to live in the moment rather than take a photo.

So here are the moments that will live on in my memories, if not completely on film:

Saturday morning, mommy-and-me yoga – our last class of this session and, as I found out on Saturday, our last class for a while unless I can find a yoga class for a mom with a 2 year old.  It turns out that the yoga class we have been going to only goes to age 2.  And the next one doesn’t start until age 3.  What are mom and baby yogis to do?

A day at the fair – county fairs remind me of my childhood.  Tickets, rides, cotton candy, games, prizes.  So we took Baby.  And she LOVED IT.  She rode the carousel, the wiggly worm, and the train – a bit too much going round-and-round for me but Baby could have gone for hours.  As we walked out she pointed at every ride we passed, “I want to go on that!  I want to go on that!”

Baby and ducky

her first fair prize! she picked it out and was so proud.

A Saturday evening trip to the bookstore – we’re going on vacation next week and I needed a beach read.  I refused (despite M’s urging) to buy my beach read on my iPad.  There is something that is just plain wrong with curling up on the beach or by the pool with a good… ebook.  Plus the glare.  And every time I pull out my iPad Baby wants to play a game.  So Baby ran around the bookstore, finding plenty of options for me (how did she know I have a secret interest in cinematography!?) but I eventually settled on Left Neglected by Lisa Genova.  The concept fascinates me and while it’s a bit heavier than I was thinking of for my beach read, I think it will be the perfect thing to read while lazily spending time with family. Look for a mini-review of it here in a few weeks.

making pancakes

making Sunday morning pancakes

Sunday morning pancakes – M and Baby are making a routine of Sunday morning pancake making.  And I’m making a routine of waking up at the luxuriously late hour of 8am to the smell of blueberries melting into multiple kinds of flour and milk and sounds of two happy bakers mixing away.

playing with baby

ways to spend a rainy Sunday morning - changing baby's (the doll's) diaper

Getting caught in the rain – suddenly the sun broke through the clouds on Sunday morning and the rain stopped.  You’d think it had been raining for days (it had really just been a few hours) but we acted as if the storm of the century was over and stopped our indoor play to dash out for a walk.  As we started our way home, the clouds reappeared and it poured.  Like REALLY POURED.  We ran for cover and let Baby run in and out of the rain, pure delight on her face as she shouted “I’m in the rain!”  We ran home in it, not that it mattered, all of our clothes were soaked right through.

It was one of those weekends that makes me miss my family as soon as we all head our separate ways on Monday morning.

Hope you had a lovely, summer weekend too!

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