Favorite time of day


Everyone has a favorite time of day.  Moms, it seems, tend to have many.

I’m not sure if this because, as moms, our lives are full of so many routinely, lovely moments (good morning kisses, sharing breakfast, goodnight hugs) that we can’t pick just one.  Or if it is because, as moms, our days are full of so many routinely, unlovely moments (morning tantrums over what color shirt to wear, cleaning breakfast off the floor because sharing is extra hard this morning, nighttime tears because we can’t read one more book) that we hold on to those favorite times as if our life depends on it.


One of my favorite times of the day comes right at the end.  Before I climb into bed each night, I go into Baby’s room.  I look down at her peaceful, sleeping body.  I adjust her blanket and her loveys.  I slowly stroke her hair.  I rest my hand on her back and enjoy the quiet calm of her breath.  I whisper goodnight.  I tell her how much I love her.

Most nights, before I’ve even left her room, she’s rolled over and tossed the blanket off again.  Sometimes I catch her in a light sleep cycle and she stirs and I dash out of the room for fear of waking her.

But I look forward to this time.

No matter what kind of day we’ve had, Baby’s peaceful sleeping will calm me.  If we’ve had one of those hair-raising-constant-battle-of-wills-please-grow-out-of-the-terrible-twos-before-we-all-go-insane kinds of days, then this time is therapeutic.  It helps me remember that she is small, and sometimes peaceful, and sweet, and one of my most precious reasons for being.  I take a deep breath, leave the day behind, and ready my brain and my soul for the next day.  If we’ve had one of those we-should-be-on-TV-because-our-family-moments-are-sweeter-than-anything-you-ever-saw-on-Full-House kinds of days, then this time is a little celebration.  It helps me remember to savor these days and hold those moments in my heart.  I take a deep breath, leave the day behind, and ready my heart and soul for more.

Nothing is more calming and inspiring at the end of any kind of day, than a Baby sleeping.

Time to go…


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