Personality, routines, and books!


Several days late, but here nonetheless, here are three things I love about this baby phase this week.

1. Little personality
Each day, Baby’s personality shines through stronger and stronger. She is a simply lovely little girl. She is happy and bubbly. She is sweet and generous. These days, in response to questions like ‘Do you want to go to the park?’ or ‘Do you want a snack?’. She responds ‘Yes, please!’ It is so sweet.

2. Settling in
A few weeks ago we went through a phase of transitions. New bedtime routine, new tumbles class, new nap schedule. And it was rough. But this week, we all settled in. She now knows how bedtime goes and calmly walks through each step with us. Any doubts I had about new routine have melted away as I watch her settle in and calm down the closer we get to sleep time. I love those first days when we realize a routine is working.

3. Book!
We’ve made reading a big part of Baby’s life since the very early days. And now she’s running with it. Yesterday she ran into her bedroom ahead of me and by the time I walked in she had piled a half dozen books on the big cozy armchair. As I walked in the door, she asked me to help her up onto the chair. We then sat there and read half of the books she had selected before M got home. There is nothing I love more than curling up and reading a good book. Or six good books. And now, Baby and I get to do it together!


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